Gift Ideas for Travelers

Share has become a go-to word for travelers lately. We share our selfies, our vacation videos, and our status updates. But we’re also increasingly sharing our homes, our cars, and our tables, thanks to companies like Airbnb, Lyft, and EatWith.

So for the 2014 holiday season, we’ve focused on ways for you to share the joy of travel with the special people in your life. Our favorite gifts help capture memories, inspire adventures, and make life on the road easier and more enjoyable. Take Mimeo’s cashmere touch screen gloves, an indulgence for the on-the-go Instagrammer, or a new line of fashion-forward compression socks.

Some gifts will encourage travelers to get creative in commemorating their trips. Lomography’s affordable new camera, for instance, combines the arty fun of phone filters with the gratification of instant prints.

Others deliver the distinctive tastes of a destination to friends and family. You might order a sublime lobster pie (like the one you ate in Maine on a salty-sea-breeze kind of afternoon) or a DIY kit for making chicory coffee as they do in New Orleans.

Some of the items nearest and dearest to our hearts are the ones that help the wider world share in our good fortune. Give a lightweight camping hammock, and you’ll also be supporting malaria treatments in Africa; a handmade wool hat keeps artisans in southern Chile in business; and chic sunglasses help fund U.S. educational charity 826.

Start your shopping here, and continue to share your travel adventures with us using the hashtag



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