Parsnip and Lime Marmalade Cake

food to glow

parsnip-and-lime-marmalade-cake by food to glowI’m a bit of a sneaky so and so. Although I am telling you what is in this cake – I’m a stickler for accurate titles – often when I am feeding my cancer nutrition groups I make them guess what is the ‘special ingredient’. After they have taken a bite.

I suppose I should add “not very nice” to “a bit sneaky.”

But it is with good intentions. Often we have preconceptions about how things are going to taste. I know I do at least. If you tell me something has coconut in it, or baked bananas, I will automatically wrinkle up my already wrinkled nose and decline. Things with coconut in them (unless it is fresh or like this, or this) make me think of tanning creams from the 70s (not sunscreens: there were no such things, hence the wrinkles). And baked bananas, well they are just gross…

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