Les Bouchots

Cooking in Sens


Jade and I pined for fresh fish and seafood when in the States.  I particularly missed fresh oysters (Gillardeau and Tarbouriech) and fresh mussels(Bouchots).  These smaller, delicate mussels are perfect with a variety of sauces.  Today I decided to go “Mediterranean” with onion, bell peppers and garlic.  I also added a undrinkable Portuguese white wine.  I think that was a mistake and, to me, gave the sauce a slightly bitter taste. Everyone denied it but they were both polite and hungry; they emptied the pot 🙂  Still, as I have in the past, I’ll use an unimportant but drinkable wine next time.


The weather was beautiful and M. Parret set the table outside in his courtyard.  Feeling like citizens of the world, we began this latest eating marathon with Portuguese sausages, assorted French hors-d’oeuvres  and some not very dry German wine.  To wash the taste of the German from our mouths, we…

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