Ordinary Things We Never Guessed Were Really Useful

Why there is an arrow on your car’s fuel gauge


Car manufacturers added this little arrow for drivers to know which side of the car their gas tank lid is without looking from outside. It’s very convenient if you’ve just bought a new car or borrowed your friend’s car. However, not all cars have this feature.

What rivets on jeans pockets are for


Why staplers have this part


In its “normal” mode, a stapler bonds papers with staples on the inside. If you turn the silvery platform 180 degrees, though, staples will bend to the outside, making it easy to take them out if needed without hurting your fingers and also saving the papers.

How to find out if your phone is wet inside


Many batteries have this special moisture indicator that looks like a little square or a circle, and it changes color from light to red if it’s wet.https://goo.gl/9XYzaE

Why there are small bumps on the F and J keys


They’re helpful when you type using the touch method with ten fingers. These keys are “anchors” — you put your index fingers on them. https://goo.gl/lGVV3C




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